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PODIUM Total Dog Wellness Services
At PODIUM Total Dog Wellness, we offer a thorough consultation, inviting you to tell us about your dog and any wellness concerns you may have. We will customize a plan that will fit your budget and your schedule.

Treadmill Workout
Just like a treadmill offers a steady pace for us humans, we are better able to achieve a  consistent workout for our dogs by using a treadmill.  Let us teach your pet to safely use a treadmill to help with expending some of her excess energy and, if needed, lose some of that excess weight!  Perhaps your dog competes in a sport and needs to increase strength and stamina.  No matter the weather, your dog will be able to get much needed exercise!

Therapeutic Dry Massage

​Massage enhances a dog's overall sense of well-being. It can promote circulation of blood helping to oxygenate tissues.  It can increase lymph movement, thereby helping with the removal of waste products from the body.  Massage relaxes tight muscles, offering relief from the pain of arthritis.  It can increase joint flexibility and range of motion.  Massage affects animals on many emotional levels, assisting with issues like aggression, depression and anxiety.  It may also allow us to detect swelling and painful areas

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Positive reinforcement training is science-based and effective.  We will not use any choke chains, prong collars or shock/remote collars.  We will have clickers available to you, as well as homework handouts and progress sheets.

Not only do we offer AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy classes, Adolescent Basic Manners, AKC Canine Good Citizen training and Fitness and Fun classes, but we offer Private In-Home Instruction for those desiring this route for their puppy or dog.

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