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Therapeutic Massage
Dry Massage - Robbie earned a Canine Massage Certification from the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage.  You may ask, "Why does my dog need a massage?"

​            1.  General Well-Being - Massage might seem like a frivolous idea, but because massage has so             many physical and psychological benefits, it could easily be considered an essential component
            of your dog's health care, like grooming, feeding and exercise.

            2.  Maintaining Range of Motion - In the wild, animals perform a kind of superficial massage when
            licking offspring to facilitate digestion.  Social grooming is also considered one form of massage.
            Animals in the wild are also better able to get adequate exercise, where our pets are often 
            indoors and receive limited opportunities for exercise.  Massage is not a substitute for exercise,
            but it helps maintain range of motion and provides needed blood flow to joints.

            3.  Aging - Our pets are living longer and many problems related to aging are helped by 
            massage. Benefits may include maintaining good muscle tone, range of motion, flexibility, relief of             pain and discomfort, speed in recovery from injury, enhanced respiratory function, and aid in 
            emotional ​adjustment concerning declining ability to perform normal dog activities.

            4.  Joints and Circulation - Large breed puppies are helped by massage of limbs and joints,
            providing increased blood circulation and necessary nutrients to their rapidly growing bones.
            Because puppies are so stimulated by their outside world, massage can calm them and also
            assist with their poor proprioception, their kinesthetic sense that orients their body in space. 

            5.  Respiration - Massage also benefits specific breeds with challenging respiratory genetics such             as Shi Tzus, Boxers, Bulldogs, Pugs and Pekingese.  Massage can increase circulation to the 
            respiratory system and drain lymph nodes, encouraging the flow of white blood cells, the 
            internal disease fighter.

Cost:  On-site at Puppy Pitstop    $35 by appointment  (combine with same-day treadmill for $45)
           In-home                             $45 by appointment